Bowls Victoria Disabilities Groups

There are elite pathways for bowlers with a disability in the four Victorian Disability squads for; bowlers with a hearing impairment, bowlers with an intellectual disability, bowlers with a physical disability and bowlers with a vision impairment.

These squads have regular training days at various Clubs across Victoria and also compete in state and national championships, helping to promote disability awareness and promote the inclusiveness of our sport.

Blind Bowls Victoria
Blind Bowlers Victoria move around the state providing ongoing opportunities for Visually Impaired bowlers and people in the community to come together in an accessible and inclusive environment. The days are very sociable and are open to people of all abilities, from experienced bowlers to beginners. Bowlers are classified based on their vision and classified as B1, B2, B3 or B4.

For more information contact Peter Campion

Deaf Bowls Victoria
Membership is open to those bowling members of a Club who are either totally deaf in both ears or who have a hearing deficit of greater than 45 decibels in their best hearing ear.

For international championships the hearing loss has to be greater than 55 decibel hearing loss. An audiogram has to be supplied to the Deaf Sporting Association for verification.

  1. Deaf Bowls Victoria holds/send players to:
  2. State Championships in singles and pairs every year.
  3. Enters a team in the Australian Deaf Games every four years
  4. National Championships which are held every four years, held in a different state each time
  5. International Championships which are also held every four years.

For more information contact Deaf Bowls Victoria’s Secretary Paul Williams

Victorian Intellectual Disabilities Squad
The squad for bowlers with an Intellectual Disability meet regularly at various Clubs around the state and hold training sessions. The squad has a number of coaches who assist with the sessions and it is open to all bowlers with an intellectual disability that are affiliated members of a Club.

For more information contact Claire Baskett,

Victorian Physical Disabilities Squad
The squad for bowlers with a physical disability take part in the MultiBowl Nationals in May each year, and are made up of men and women throughout the state. Bowlers with a physical disability can be classified as B5, B6, B7 or B8 depending on the nature of their impairment. The squad is coached by Carol Protopapas who assists with the sessions and support is open to all bowlers with an intellectual disability that are affiliated members of a Club.

For more information contact Carol Protopapas,