National Umpire Accreditation

The National Umpire Accreditation is aimed at umpires wishing to officiate at Club, Zone/District/Region level and above. National umpires will learn how to use the index of the law book and how to correctly interpret laws.

As 95% of the work umpires complete is conducted on the green, some of the course will be spent on the green working through scenarios relating to the laws of the sport. National Umpires will work in groups to correctly interpret the laws and discuss the best methods for communicating with players and other officials.

At the end of the module, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify and display the values and ethical behaviour expected of an umpire at all levels of the game.
  2. Plan and prepare for the requirements of umpiring at all levels of the game.
  3. Maintain a level of fitness appropriate to the standard of bowls at all levels of the game.
  4. Review own performance post competition.
  5. Display a range of body language techniques in order to promote professionalism and enhance an air of presence.
  6. Using the index of the Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia, correctly identify, interpret and apply the relevant laws appropriate to the game when called upon to do so.
  7. Utilise a range of communication strategies to communicate decisions to players in an inclusive manner.
  8. Apply a positive and cooperative attitude towards officials, other officials, players and spectators.
  9. Identify and manage the risks associated with umpiring and abide by the legal responsibilities expected of an umpire.
  10. Resolve disputes between players relating to the Law and Rules under which the game is being played.