Marker Accreditation

The interactive Marker Accreditation Module will contain indoor and outdoor discussions and activities. Focusing on the things a marker should do when preparing to mark, laws relating to marking and how to use the index of the law book plus other topics will be workshopped indoors. Outside on the green, participants will discover the best techniques for selecting distances, using the correct equipment and identifying the best methods for anticipating player’s questions.

At the completion of the Marker Accreditation Module, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify values and ethical behaviour expected of a marker.
  2. Plan and prepare for the requirements of marking.
  3. Self reflect on performance after the competition.
  4. Identify and manage the risks associated with marking.
  5. Apply a positive and cooperative attitude towards other officials, players and spectators.
  6. Using the Laws of the Game of Bowls in Australia, correctly identify and interpret the laws relevant to marking when called upon to do so.
  7. Identify the correct position for the jack/mat at the start of an end.
  8. Demonstrate the appropriate position for a marker to stand on the green during a game.
  9. Select and use the appropriate method for marking touchers.
  10. Identify the equipment that a marker needs in their possession during the game.
  11. Correctly demonstrate the use of equipment needed to mark a game.
  12. Using correct terminology and signals, demonstrate appropriate feedback regarding the state of the head during play when asked by the player in possession of the rink.
  13. At the completion of the end, provide appropriate terminology and signals of the result of the end.
  14. Accurately mark a singles game in a timely and professional manner including correctly maintaining a neat and accurate scorecard.