Greens + Shading

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Agturf is a sporting Turf Services Company with over 33 years in sports turf maintenance and construction.

Agturf can construct bowling greens from scratch, advise on all grass types and plant, repair turf, perform standard levelling and top dressing, laser levelling, renovate and maintain grass surfaces for lawn bowls and all types of sporting fields. Their laser levelling equipment and services are available to all bowling and sporting clubs looking for the perfect sporting surface.

Berry Bowling Systems
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Berry Bowling Systems Pty Ltd (BBS) was formed using enhanced and highly specialised expertise in the construction of lawn bowls industry.

Developing from a designer, supplier and installer of synthetic bowling greens, to providing additional products and services to the bowls market, such as bowling green maintenance and advice and Retractable Shade Systems that can glide over a single or double bowling green.

BBS listens to bowlers, and constantly look to use that knowledge and advice, to advance its products to improve the sport of lawn bowls. 

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Established over twenty years ago, Greengauge are proud to be Australasia’s most trusted and respected woven carpet for lawn bowls producing the only woven carpet specifically designed for lawn bowls in the southern hemisphere.

Their dedicated team of skilled individuals are committed to quality processes where they create the trusted Greengauge GG3 woven product. This unique capability provides peace of mind for their clients who are receiving the highest standard of quality, knowing that Greengauge is the most Reliable, Durable and Consistent product available in the market place today.

Greens & Grounds
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Specialising in Sports Turf Management, Maintenance & renovation and the installation of drought tolerant instant turf, irrigation systems and artificial turf.

Greens & Grounds was established in 1999 and is made up of the following divisions; Landscaping, Turf Management & Maintenance, Turf Renovations.

Lawford Engineering
0418 505 557 (Peter) or 0429 845 346 (Kim)

Lawford Engineering are the experts in the supply and manufacture of pre-cast concrete ditch walls and galvanised steel plinths, along with capping, runner insertion, line markers and timing ramps.

Shadex Industries
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Established 25 years ago in 1990, Shadex are Australia’s largest manufacturer of Bowling Club shades. Shadex hold a solid reputation for supplying quality shades and take pride in their services and fully guarantee their products & workmanship.

Shadex shades and designs are highly regarded throughout Australia as the industry standard for Bowling Clubs and throughout these last 25 years have more than 11,000 shades erected in over 1,000 Clubs. Shadex are proud to state that their clients have never had cause for concern over integrity, service or warranty.

SportsTurf Consultants
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SportsTurf Consultants is Australia’s largest independent company specifically orientated towards the provision of technical advice related to construction, management and product development in the recreational turf and horticultural industries.

Quality and Performance are important to SportsTurf Consultants who adhere to “best industry practice” in all aspects, taking pride in their work and are professional in their approach. Their consultants have over 100 years combined experience in the turf and horticulture industries who remain current with the latest technologies and research from around the world and incorporate this to ensure their advice is sound and up to date.

Sports Turf Curators
(03) 5482 2181

With over 30 years experience, Sports Turf Curators construct and maintain greens for international and state bowls. Before making any decisions on changing over to synthetic surfaces, call Brett at Sports Turf Curators who can provide natural lawn bowls surfaces that are cost effective and will outlast synthetic surfaces.

Turf Hog

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Start to finish bent grass and tiftdwarf newtops.

Victorian Greenkeepers Association

The Victorian Greenkeepers Association is a not for profit organisation with members specialising in the maintenance of lawn bowls greens across the state of Victoria.

The Association was established in 1911 and to this day is still going strong. Each year its holds information Seminars, Bowls Events and Social Gatherings. The Victorian Greenkeepers Association welcomes Greenkeepers, Greens Directors, Bowls Club Volunteers or those interested in our industry to become a financial member.