What is a Roll Up Hub Club?

A Roll Up Hub Club is the venue where Roll Up will be held every week.

How do I register to participate in Roll Up?

To register to play Roll Up click here.

I play bowls at another club can I still take part?

Yes definitely. Hub clubs are just providing a venue for teens to meet each week and run the program.

What do I have to wear?

Anything! Feel free to wear your school sport uniform or something easy to move around in. However, you must wear flat sole shoes or go bare foot.

I don’t have a set of bowls, is that problem?

Not a problem at all. Your Roll Up hub club can provide junior bowls for you to use during each of the sessions. If you already have your own bowls, you can use those too!

Does it matter that I have never played bowls before?

Not at all. New bowlers are encouraged to get involved. You’ll be taught the basic skills and rules of bowls to build confidence and a love for the sport.

How much does it cost to play Roll Up?

Roll Up is currently running at Hub Clubs for free.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please reach our to our Participation Team via email to