Coach Reaccreditation

The Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation Policy is built on the fundamental premise that coaches who volunteer their time within their Club should be able to do so without hassle, provided their Club values their services.

The Introductory & Club Coach Reaccreditation model is:

1. Regular Practical Coaching
All coaches should be actively practising their craft. They are required to keep a log of regular coaching (recommended to be 60 hours over four years for Introductory Coaches & 200 hours over four years for Club Coaches. Please note if this is not achieved this will not effect eligibility for reaccreditation). The log can be in the form of a notebook, excel spreadsheet or any other means of demonstrating hours of practical coaching over a four year period. This must be available at time of reaccreditation and shown to the coach’s nominated club (see point two).

2. Complete a Reaccreditation Application form with updated details
When reaccrediting, coaches must complete the relevant application form to ensure Bowls Victoria has the current details for all the coaches within Victoria.  These forms include current Working with Children Check (WWCC) details, which is a requirement for all new and reaccrediting coaches.

Introductory Reaccreditation Application Form
Club Coach Reaccreditation Application Form

3. ‘Current and Competent letter’ from their nominated Club
All coaches are required to have their Club president/secretary verify their competency and hours of active coaching. In signing this letter, the Club is endorsing that:

  • the reaccreditation candidate has been actively coaching (and they have seen the log detailing the hours); and
  • the Club is satisfied with the performance of the coach and is happy for that coach to continue.

If the Club does not value the services of the coach, they are free to decline signing the ‘current and competent letter’.

4. View ‘The Coaches Den’ online coaching videos
Bowls Australia has developed several short videos which will form the personal development component of reaccreditation. These videos will be updated from time to time in accordance with relevant industry standards and legislation changes. While it is impossible to ‘force’ a coach to view videos (the same as it is impossible to force a coach to listen to the presenter during a course), the videos are interesting, valuable and relevant to current coaching needs and a great resources for coaches.