Bowlers Arms

Bionic Bowler
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Introducing the new concept in ‘Bowlers Arms’. This is a user-friendly arm that anyone can use! There is no muscular tension, finger stress, hand tension or related arm stress to hold and release the jack or bowl from the Bionic Bowler arm. The Bionic Arm is Australian made and fully approved by Bowls Australia.

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An original, quality innovation from Coachmans Products Pty Ltd, the Bowlsmate is a support which is light-weight, height-adjustable and equipped with bowl and jack pickup. Bowlsmate is allowed to be used under Law 41-5 of the Sport of Bowls. There is no requirement to obtain permission or a permit for use.

The Bowling Arm & Bowls Test Centre
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Approved by Bowls Australia, you can order TheBowlingArm direct or from your nearest bowls shop. TheBowlingArm is available in 4 sizes: extra short, short, medium & long with either a palm or thumb release and 18 different colours.

The Bowling Arm is also a licensed “World Bowls Tester” who can test, repair and refurbish your bowls and also sell umpiring equipment.