Arm Devices Policy

Current and Applicable Policy for use of Arm Devices

The policy relating to the use of an approved Arm Device has been a topic of conversation in recent times amongst the wider bowls fraternity.

In order to provide clarity on what the Bowls Australia Artificial Devices – Wheelchair and Bowlers Arms Policy officially states, this summaryand a link to the current document are provided for reference.

The current policy (on the Bowls Australia website) was approved inJune 2018 and the effective date for its application was 16 July 2018. There was a review to be undertaken of the Policy in August 2018.

Talk of not requiring Medical Certification to enable the use of an Arm Device has been just that, as the Policy has not been officially updated to reflect any official decision made to change the current requirement to in fact have a medical certificate stating that the person requires the bowler’s arm to continue to participate in lawn bowls. (Refer to item 5.1.2 of the policy)

The other main point of conjecture amongst users and non-users has been the use of the arm and how once a player commences using it, it must be used for the remainder of that game.

This does not apply to the rolling of the jack, which can be rolled either by hand or by a bowlers arm. (Refer to item 5.1.8)

Provisions can be included in specified events that may require rolling of the jack using the bowlers arm only, and there are events conducted at Club, State & National level where this is in fact the case.

The controlling body of those individual events set their Conditions of Play and provided they are not contracting outside of the Laws of the Sport,they can do this.

Please also note that Bowls Victoria applies Bowls Australia’s Artificial Devices Policy.

Graeme Bridge