Umpiring Committee

The key responsibilities of the Umpires Committee are:

  • To be responsible for liaising with Region and Division Umpiring committees to ensure that umpires and potential umpires are properly educated in the interpretation of the Laws and Rules of the Game and other umpiring skills, such as measuring
  • To be responsible for implementing Bowls Australia umpiring courses and procedures for the accreditation and reaccreditation of umpires, including the introduction of Bowls Australia National Officiating Accreditation Scheme courses
  • To appoint and maintain a panel of elite umpires to be used at major Bowls Victoria events and to ensure that elite panel umpires are available for seminars and for other education programs throughout Victoria
  • Arrange for the conduct of educational seminars throughout the Regions/Divisions
  • Liaise closely with Region and Division Umpiring Committees to ensure that umpires’ needs are being addressed and met
  • To assess the validity and appropriateness of the various umpire education programs conducted in Victoria

Terms of reference

Committee members

John Roberts (Chairperson)
Bob Carlson
Laureen Smith
Rodney Bates
Neil Smillie
Doug Whorlow
Lorraine Dowson
Doug Maconachie
Sean O’Kane (BV Member Services and Events Manager)
Peter Inglis (BV Board Representative)



John Roberts
Phone: 0417 330 070