Selection Committee


The Men’s Selection Committee invites players to participate in selection trials for the Senior, Under-25 and 60 and Over representative sides.

The 60 and Over side competes in a round-robin series against the other States and Territories in October each year and the Senior side has annual fixtures against Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and the Australian Sides Championship (round-robin against all the other State and Territory sides) and biennial series against ACT and Queensland.

The Under-25 side plays a 6-a-side series against Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales in conjunction with the Senior side.

Terms of reference

Committee Members

Arnold O’Brien OAM (Co-Chairperson)
Ian Ewing (Co-Chairperson)
Paul Dorgan
Anthony Flapper
Matthew Robertson

Contact details

Arnold O’Brien OAM
Phone: 9571 4095 or 0410281157


The women’s state selection panel have a variety of duties including:

1.  To identify and select the most suitable female bowlers for the senior state test series and the national sides championships.

2.  To identify and select the most suitable female U/25 bowlers for the U/25 state test series.

3.  To trial identified potential and regular state players, in order to select for the upcoming events.

4.  To provide support of all kinds to players during and prior to state events.

5. To manage and evaluate the state and national games.

6. To attend as many state and regional events as time permits.

Terms of reference

Committee members

Judy Davey (Chairperson)
Jan Hurst
Edith Grinham
Patty Whorlow

Contact details

Judy Davey
Phone: 0402 422 087