Disciplinary Committee

About the Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for:

  • Examining all alleged breaches of discipline and matters where the game is brought into disrepute.
  • Determining and issuing penalties to those who breach Section 15 of Bowls Victoria’s Regulations, event-specific Conditions of Play and/or the laws of the sport.
  • Compiling evidence for hearings.
  • Conduct hearings.
  • Hear and review appeals.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Bowls Victoria Board and relevant Committee around discipline issues.
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Committee members
  • Stuart Kollmorgen (Chair)
  • Bob Carlson
  • John Roberts
  • Pat Clark
  • Pete Delaney
  • Scott Morison
Contact details

c/o Tony Sherwill
Phone: (03) 9861 7100