Disciplinary Committee

The committee hears matters referred to us under Section 15 of Bowls Victoria Regulations or matters referred to us by the Board of Bowls Victoria.

Our function when matters are referred to us include advising the parties involved in any matter of offences committed under the Regulations for hearing. We hear from the person making the complaint, witnesses called on behalf of the person making the complaint and allow the complained about person to give their version of events and to call witness on their behalf.
After hearing from all parties we then determine if there is a case against the person complained against and hand down a suitable penalty to the alleged offence or if the case is not proved dismiss the case. We also hear appeals when a bowler has been penalised by their club and exhausted all avenues of appeal at club level a bowler can lodge an appeal under the regulations.
If an appeal is lodged we closely look at the procedures adopted by the club that issued a penalty to one of their bowlers. If all processes are followed and the penalty fits the alleged offence no appeal is generally granted; if the appellant can prove they were denied any procedural fairness or process by their club we would generally allow an appeal to be heard and then determine the matter as per normal complaint procedures.Terms of reference

Committee members

Stuart Kollmorgen (Chair)
Bob Carlson
John Roberts

Contact details

c/o Peter Delaney
Email: peterd@bowlsvic.org.au
Phone: (03) 9861 7100