BV x Community First Responders Australia

by Team BV

Bowls Victoria and Community First Responders Australia (CFRA) are proud to announce a strategic partnership aimed at promoting health and safety within the community, particularly in the context of sporting activities and events.

Community First Responders Australia (CFRA) is a nationally recognised organisation dedicated to fostering community wellbeing and saving lives through managing the full life cycle of an emergency. In collaboration with Ambulance Victoria, they align with the GoodSAM response model by creating CFRA GoodSAM Response Teams ready to save a life wherever GoodSAM is used by emergency services. CFRA emphasizes the significance of comprehensive accredited and unaccredited training, fit for purpose defibrillators and equipment and ensuring they are maintained and ready for use.

Through this collaboration, CFRA and Bowls Victoria aim to enhance safety protocols and emergency response capabilities by empowering members within the bowls community. The partnership will involve:

  1. Training and Education: CFRA will provide specialized training sessions to Bowls Victoria members, equipping them with essential first aid skills and knowledge. This training will empower individuals to respond effectively to medical emergencies both on and off the field.
  2. Event Support: CFRA staff/volunteers will be available to provide on-site medical assistance during Bowls Victoria events and competitions. Their presence will ensure prompt attention to any injuries or medical incidents that may arise, enhancing the overall safety and well-being of participants.
  3. Products and Servicing: CFRA will provide exclusive pricing and offers for fit-for-purpose defibrillators, consumables, servicing plus first aid kits.
Community First Responders Australia visiting the Geelong Football Club.

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Haug, General Manager of Commercial Operations at Bowls Victoria, stated: “We are thrilled to partner with Community First Responders Australia in our shared commitment to prioritizing health and safety within the bowls community. By working together, we can ensure that our members have the necessary skills and support to respond effectively to emergencies, ultimately creating a safer environment for everyone involved.”

Similarly, Leon Landau, CEO of Community First Responders Australia, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying: “At CFRA, we believe that everyone has a role to play in an emergency response. By teaming up with Bowls Victoria, we can build community through response and empowering more individuals to become effective first responders in their communities.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in promoting health, safety, and community resilience. CFRA and Bowls Victoria look forward to working together to create a safer, diverse and more inclusive environment for all.

For more information about Community First Responders Australia, visit