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by Team BV

Leafbusters® is the original Australian gutter protector going way back to 1992. Leafbusters will stop more than just leaves getting in your roof, it can also stop pest birds and all sorts of unwanted debris. Recently Leafbusters was writing about the benefits of their meshes when it comes to possum proofing.

Leafbusters trademarked and reinforced gutter mesh products are strong enough to stand up to the punishment from possums running across the roof. In some cases possums such as the large brush-tailed possum or the more agile ring-tailed possum will also fall down onto your gutters as they try to climb over more slender tree limbs. Homeowners with oak trees and acorns will know the madness that can go on at night as these furry animals compete over every last acorn… and yes the broken up acorn shell debris will cover your roof.

FAQ – Do gutter guards stop possums?

Yes! A high grade gutter guard can stop possums entering your roof. The main offender is the common brush-tail possum Trichosurus vulpecula

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