Attract new members now

by Team BV

2023 is underway and so is
Bowling with Babies

Bowls Victoria reminds Clubs of the support available to introduce new programs and the benefits that these offerings realise. Bowling with Babies is one such program that is a great avenue for Clubs to increase their community profile, attract a new and broader audience, and extend the use of facilities.

Bowling with Babies is a fitness and social activity that aims to assist new mums to become more active and enable them time to focus on their physical well-being in a fun, relaxing, and comfortable environment – with their baby. The program brings new and expectant mums together to enjoy a coffee, a chat, and a social roll. Clubs who have delivered Bowling with Babies often engage the whole family with partners occasionally attending or visiting at other times to enjoy the social activities of the Club.

Bowls Victoria provides support to Clubs through promotional material, social media, flyers, equipment, signage, participant benefits, and resources on activity ideas. Bowls Victoria has case studies available on Clubs who have successfully conducted the program and would be happy to connect an interested Club to speak directly with other Club providers.

Bowls Clubs across the State have taken up the program and enjoyed a range a benefits, here are just some a Club can expect to experience:

  • To gain new exposure and awareness around a program
  • Advertising materials and social media posts regarding location
  • Awareness to new parents in your community to try bowls
  • Engagement between members and new bowlers by offering a program to keep new bowlers physically active

If you are interested to speak with Bowls Victoria regarding establishing a Bowling with Babies program, please contact Campbell Hymans, Participation Coordinator on 03 9861 7100 or email