Fantastic 4 form the mighty Manningham Bowls Group

by Team BV

Four clubs come together to promote the benefits of social bowls to their larger communities.

Determined to combat the participation decline of their beloved sport of bowls, the Doncaster, Donvale, Greythorn and Templestowe clubs have formed the Manningham Bowls Group (MBG). The purpose of MBG is to increase the awareness of the sport and focus on community and social bowls and importantly; not to involve itself in Pennant at all.

Far from an “amateur hour” attitude, the 4 clubs signed a memorandum of understanding or “MOU” surrounding the drafting of a strategic plan, securing a website domain name, application of an ABN, development of a logo, a website, a constitution, and other logistical necessities.

After achieving their goals quickly and efficiently and most importantly as a close-knit team, Bowls Victoria was delighted to give the MBG a glowing letter of support, assisting to quickly grab the attention of their local governing body, the Manningham Council (MC).

The MC were more than happy to sit-up and take notice as it was the first time they had seen every club of a particular sport in their governing area team up in such a way, which was highly impressive.

Senior managers at the council acquainted themselves with the concepts and objectives of the MBG. It was all smiles when a light-bulb moment struck; more than any other sport, bowls is best placed to assist their inclusive community objectives as it can be played and enjoyed together regardless of age, gender, physical condition, ethnicity and sexual orientation; something no other sport can offer so broadly.

Working together, the concept of the Grand Family “Funday” on Australia’s National Grandparents Day was formed. This would revolve around up-beat bowls activities designed to suit the whole family. In addition, there would be fun events including face painters, a balloon artist, photography, fairy floss, popcorn, sausage sizzle, prizes, giveaways, Rookie Roller kits, merchandise, and fingers crossed; a Jackaroo or two. Plans are also in place for indoor activities in case of inclement weather.

The Manningham Council were more than happy to support the MBG in the form of the largest grant awarded under their grants program, plus providing further council assistance and exposure.

The Manningham Bowls Group has been extremely impressed with Manningham Council’s support and expertise. Excitingly, bowls has now achieved a much higher profile within the whole of the Manningham area, which will assist with the development of the sport and its facilities within the local governing area by focussing on community bowls and its needs rather than Pennant bowls. However through the symbiotic nature of sport and community, one will undoubtedly help the other.