Let’s take a peek under the sheets!

by Team BV

A message from BIOscapes Group. The industry leaders in greens construction.

Did you know woven carpets are just like one really big bed sheet?! What?!

Aside from the standard perks of your club going to a woven green, such as low maintenance, consistent rolls, durability & more… We, the builders, also love them!

Did you know woven carpet greens are exactly that – carpet, and installed in a similar fashion to your bedroom floor.

  1. Underlay panels are sewn or glued together
  2. Woven Carpet panels are sewn together
  3. Woven Carpet is stretched and adhered to the smooth edge/gripper strip surrounding the green. 

As the surface is simply stretched over the edge, this makes your carpet, one very, very big bed sheet! And, just like bed sheets, we can peel them back, lift them, even flip them, before reinstating, should we need to take a peek under your sheets. 

Here at BIOscapes, we appreciate how important your woven carpet green is to you and your club, regardless of age, and regardless of the team who initially built it. 

BIOScapes’ construction team offers consultation services, and various options to do part re-screeds, or even full re-screeds, whilst MAINTAINING your current surface AND underlay. 

Why do they keep saying woven?! 

Sand-filled synthetic greens are rather the opposite, unless you have the local football team (or North Melbourne) at hand to assist in rolling it up, sand-filled greens are the heaviest product on the market. Whilst it is certainly possible to reach some areas, it’s tough work! 

It’s a love-love relationship with the weave, & just another reason our clients are moving in the woven direction. 

Need to know more?! Reach out to us at any time, we don’t bite!

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