Bowls for PNG | Can you assist?

by Team BV

Have you recently bought new bowls? What plans did you have for your old set?

Bowls Victoria is looking to assist the Papua New Guinea-Australia Policing Partnership with a wonderful initiative they’ve taken on to support Port Moresby Bowls Club . The PNG-APP is a longstanding joint development program between the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

We were recently told about a Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary officer who has been trying (for years) to re-establish the Port Moresby Bowls Club from the colonial days. They have a very small group of PNG Nationals who are passionate about the game, but a lack of funding or any sort of sponsorship has made it very difficult to gain any momentum, and without enough equipment they have struggled to attract participants – they cannot afford to purchase any.

A group from the Australian Policing Partnership recently used the facilities for a social day and donated some much-needed funds for the club. After seeing the club first-hand and the genuine passion they have, Detective Superintendent (Ministerial Projects) Bernie Jackson, is now reaching out to the bowls community in Victoria for help.

We are seeking 30 x set of bowls, with the first set having already been donated by a Member who recently bought new bowls, and when hearing of this initiative, has now decided to donate her old bowls to this great cause.

Via this same Member, Bowls Victoria now has a contact who has generously offered to deliver a shipment on our behalf from Melbourne to Brisbane, to then be put into a container going over to PNG. We will be reaching out to our partners to hopefully include some mats and jacks with the shipment of bowls.

Bowls would need to be delivered to the BV office in Hawthorn East. Bowls Victoria staff will be at events in Shepparton, Moama, Sunbury and other areas around Victoria in the coming weeks, which could serve as a drop-off point if required (only by arrangement, delivery to the office preffered).

Please note – we are not looking for 30 sets of only ‘old black bowls’. Ideally some coloured, newer style bowls would be wonderful for the people of PNG.

If you’ve recently purchased a new set of bowls, or have a set or two in your garage or club that are no longer needed, can you help the cause? We are only looking for 30 sets, so please get in via the donation form (link below) as soon as possible, with your donation details.

Donations will be recognised at an official Gifting Ceremony at Port Moresby Bowls Club, PNG.