Seeking Director of Coaching

by Team BV

Greythorn Bowling Club is looking to engage the services of a senior coach for the role of Director of Coaching. The Club fielded 2 weekend pennant sides and 1 midweek side last season but with increased membership is looking to expand.

This position is not a full-time salaried position and it is considered that the hours will vary, but would be somewhere in the region of 4+ hours per week.

As a Club, we are looking for the person to provide the following:

  • As a director of coaching, evaluate, propose, and implement a training program for the pennant players
  • Improve our coaching and selection process
  • Oversee and put in place a pennant selection system for the Club
  • Co-ordinate the coaching activities of the accredited coaches at the Club

As an applicant, it is expected that you would submit a proposal to the Board addressing the following:

  • Your relevant experience
  • Your available time per week
  • What development and improvement programs you would to bring to the role
  • What your expectations and requirements would be in the role
  • What you believe you can provide the Club in expected hours to perform the tasks
  • What renumeration and conditions you will be seeking

Interested persons should contact the Secretary at Greythorn Bowling Club on 0417 396 470 (James Helm) in the first instance, to discuss the position in more detail.