Clearing Up Confusion

by Team BV

Bowls Australia is concerned with the increasing number of non-compliant garments being worn in events as required under the National Merchandise Program (NMP) policy.

For all matters relating to the NMP, we refer to the NMP Logo Policy that provides guidance regarding the correct use and purchasing of compliant garments for Pennant, Championship Events and other tournaments as specified. The full NMP policy can be viewed on the Bowls Australia website here.

Proper monitoring of the NMP is crucially important as it ensures the sport maintains a consistent brand, it supports our licensed manufacturers and it generates a revenue source that is invested back into the sport through national programs such as the employment of Regional Bowls Managers.

Uniform compliance is to be managed by the event’s Controlling Body, in accordance with the event Conditions of Play. Please ensure that your event participants are adhering to the policy.

This policy will be monitored more vigilantly at upcoming National events including the Australian Open, with officials and host venues to be instructed to conduct spot checks of participants.

There appears to be some confusion when it comes to compliant headwear and socks. For clarity, please note the following relating to socks and headwear as outlined in the NMP policy:


8.1.1 TOP AREA OF SOCK – when socks are worn with trousers, the NMP Logo is optional. When socks are worn with pedal pushers, culottes, shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses etc. the NMP Logo must appear on the top area of the sock. When anklet socks are worn with pedal pushers, culottes, shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses etc. the NMP Logo placement is optional, socks not displaying the NMP Logo must be blank.


9.1.1 FRONT OR SIDE OF HEADWEAR – the NMP Logo placement on Headwear is mandatory in Pennant, Championship Events and other tournaments. The NMP Logo must appear on the front or side of all Headwear, except on hats with a hat band where no NMP Logo is required.

Examples of compliant headwear

For concerns relating to the National Merchandise Program please contact Bowls Australia, Bowls Victoria or your local Regional Bowls Manager.