The new Queen of Strathmore!

by Team BV

Last Friday, Pat Dawson was crowned the 2022 Strathmore Bowls Club Ladies Single Champion, for the first time in her 25 years of membership at Strathmore Bowls Club.

Recovering from 2 knee replacements & a dodgy back, Pat, at 89 years of age, edged out Maureen Roberts on the grass to win 25 – 18.

Encouraged to make up the numbers to run the singles tournament, Pat reluctantly pencilled in her name in the last hour of the last day of the entry deadline. Lucky she did!

“I can’t believe it” Pat said. “I’m thrilled to win – it might take a while for this to sink in”, she added.

In reference to her longevity at the club and after being asked ‘When in Rome?’ Pat answered “Do as the Romanians. This is a fantastic club with great social activities, it’s like my extended family.”

A resident of Strathmore for 67 years, Pat retired from her office accounting job in 1993 and joined the Strathmore BC in 1996. Pat has served on the Committee, the Board, is a Past President as well as being Life Member at Strathmore Bowls Club.

When prodded, Pat offered some advice for other senior bowlers, “If you are still able, keep going. Stay involved as long as you can. People care and people matter. At 89, I’m grateful for waking up every morning!”

Article and photos courtesy of Strathmore BC.