Partners Unite

by Melanie Allen

Bowls Victoria recently hosted our partners for a day of social bowls, and the day served as an opportunity to meet and greet, in person. With so many of our recent partners coming on board during COVID lockdowns, the day was a wonderful opportunity for the BV staff, Board and all our partners to meet each other and mingle face to face.

General Manager Commercial Operations, Andrew Haug, said of the day, “It was a pleasure to launch our first ever networking function, bringing together our fold of sponsors and business partners with a view to growing connections and business relationships. Bowls Victoria recognises the significant opportunities that events like these can provide, and are strongly committed to supporting the marketing and commercial objectives of each of our valued partners. The day was a huge success and is something that we as an organisation will strive to grow and expand upon to constantly provide benefits and opportunities to support each of our stakeholders”.

With such a great group of like-minded, enthusiastic and passionate business people, the conversations flowed easily, with bowls the topic of the day. Many who attended had never had a bowl before, and with the temperature hitting 32 degrees in the afternoon the conditions were a little tough. But we couldn’t have hoped for a better day, enjoying some social bowls out in the sun.

There was a serious side to the day though, a little healthy competition in the form of a 2-game, 3 end, triples tournament. Teams managed to play out both games but then along came a thunderstorm and we had to call it a day due to lightning. So while the finals didn’t get played, everyone had a ball and we reckon we’ve found some potential new bowlers in the group, with some stand out performances from some of the newbies.

Huge thanks goes out to Hawthorn Bowling Club and their team of volunteers for hosting the event and looking after us so well.