Advice from BA for VIC bowlers registered to play at the Aus Open

by Melanie Allen

The following important information has been provided by Bowls Australia for all Victorian based bowlers who are registered to attend this year’s Australian Open on the Gold Coast.

Please read and respond as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Good afternoon Victorian-based 2021 Australian Open participants,

This is an important email relating to the staging of the 2021 Australian Open that requires your response, so it would be appreciated if you could please read the information below and reply to this email in a timely manner.

As you would be aware, the current COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria and subsequent border restrictions placed on people who reside or have visited Victoria has occurred at a particularly inopportune time for the 2021 Australian Open, which commences in just 12 days. Bowls Australia (BA) sympathise with all Victorians and wish them a safe and speedy conclusion to this lockdown period.

BA understands that, should the Victorian lockdown be extended or should the Queensland border remain shut to Victoria past the start of the event, that there will be participants located in Victoria that will need to withdraw from the event.

However, BA also notes that there could be a number of Victorian-registered players already residing in Queensland or other states that won’t be impacted by any restrictions.

BA is continuing to prepare for the delivery of this event, however, in order to plan for all possible scenarios, BA would like to know which of the following two statements applies to all Victorian-registered Australian Open participants:

• Statement 1: I am Victorian-registered participant that will continue to participate in the event even if the lockdown continues or the Queensland border were to remain shut to Victoria. (This statement could be because you are already in another state or territory and/or haven’t been in Victoria since May 28).

Statement 2: I am a Victorian-registered participate that will need to withdraw from the event if the lockdown continues or the Queensland border remains shut to Victoria past the start of the event. (This statement could be because you are currently in Victoria).

For the avoidance of doubt, all withdrawals from Victorian-registered participants will receive a full refund due to the COVID-19 situation.

BA requires a response to this email, outlining whether Statement 1 or Statement 2 applies, by 5.00pm AEST Wednesday, June 2.

An early indication from competitors would be appreciated.

BA thanks you for your cooperation and looks forward to your response

Andrew Howie | Events and Competition Manager
Bowls Australia Ltd. | PO Box 52 | Northcote VIC 3070
t: 0409 498 786  | f: +61 3 9495 0194