Our newest partner making a real difference for bowlers with disabilities.

by Melanie Allen

Bowls Victoria is pleased to announce our official partnership with JaeMan Active, a business that’s all about assisting people to live the life they choose. The JaeMan team works to inspire NDIS participants to live their best lives, while supporting their needs and preferences. Their number one priority is to work with each participant and their carers to make their lives more fulfilling.

When asked about the new partnership, JaeMan’s Operations Manager Jon Severo said, “We are extremely excited about the opportunities that this partnership presents. Our goals are aligned and we believe that together with Bowls Victoria we can take steps towards reaching them. We can’t wait to get started!”

Mr Severo explains, “At JaeMan, we believe that if the body is active the mind will follow. ‘JaeMan Active’ is a belief that runs through the core of our organisation, a mantra if you like and as we all know, the benefits of being active are endless. Our goal is to get every participant active and engaged, which is why JaeMan Active has formulated different ways of getting our participants involved, such as playing lawn bowls, basketball, fitness training, going for a bike ride or even a simple walk.”

About JaeMan Active

At JaeMan you’ll find a dedicated and friendly team who have the desire to improve the lives of participants, putting their needs first, helping them to improve their independent living and well-being every day. Their on-boarding, free NDIS advocacy and best practice training program is what sets them apart, as well as an extensive screening process, to provide the very best carers in the community.

For those who are living with a disability, JaeMan Active promote experiences and solutions to support their day to day lives, with compassion and understanding, offering care and services provided by their dedicated support workers. Their carers do all this to make the lives of those living with a disability more fulfilled, with the respect, care and empathy that they deserve.

If you have a disability and have a specific hobby you are interested in, JaeMan have the pathway to get you there. “We understand that not everyone has the same interests, so we have developed another enlivening avenue by being able to take our participants on one of our many ‘JaeMan Journeys’, said Severo. “We endeavour to attend all sorts of wonderful and exciting places, such as sporting events, concerts, movies, and theatrical plays. Now is the time to get JaeMan ACTIVE!”

Reach out to JaeMan Active on any of the below contact methods for more information:

1800 JAEMAN (1800 523 626)