COVID-19 impact on Affiliation Fees

by Team BV

Tuesday September 15th 2020

The below message was sent to clubs moments ago regarding the reduction in affiliation fees in line with the government lockdown due to COVID.

Dear Member Clubs,

The spirit of Victorians’ has truly been tested over the past 6 months. The impact of COVID-19 has been large, but we’re sticking together. We’re getting through it.

The air is warmer, the sun is shining more every day. Most importantly, case numbers are dropping and we’re seeing some real promise that Victorian’s have banded together to get through COVID-19.

In Regional Victoria the outlook is even more promising, with 14-day average case numbers low enough to progress through the steps back toward ‘COVID-normal’. The significance of this on the health of our Clubs and our individual members physical and mental well-being is enormous.

We’re sure good news will follow in Metropolitan Melbourne in the weeks to come.

With regard to membership fees for this season, we advised after our 20 August 2020 Board meeting that we would review the fees once the Victorian Premier made the announcements on the ‘Roadmap to recovery’ in mid-September. We first wish to register our thanks for your patience while the Bowls Victoria Board considered all options to make the best decision in the interests of our clubs, members and the organisation.

The damaging lockdowns with Stage 4 in Metropolitan Melbourne and Stage 3 in Regional Victoria were very harsh on clubs, but as a community organisation we understand they were necessary for the health of our community.

We now know the impact to the 2020-21 season. The Board understand that club closures occurred for an extended period due to Government-enforced lockdowns. In recognition of this, the Bowls Victoria Board has decided to reduce affiliation fees for this season by 50% for all clubs (a COVID-19 adjustment) to allow for the time when BV affiliation and Club memberships could not be used due to these government enforced lockdowns. The change will mean there is no Financial Relief program this year.

For the small number of clubs who have paid their fees already, we will deposit your 50% COVID-19 adjustment directly to your bank account. For all other clubs, who are yet to pay, 50% of the initial invoice will be issued as a credit note to reflect the COVID-19 adjustment and you will receive a statement showing you will only need to pay the remaining 50%.

While we are hopeful there will be no further lockdowns, we stress that all clubs must do the right thing and abide by all government directives as the situation remains fluid and we will continue to monitor it closely.

We remind you that the BV Board has previously resolved to waive any payment for Pennant Permits this coming season as we know many bowlers will be having difficulties travelling between their clubs and homes due to border closures/restrictions.

We are sure this reduction of 50% of affiliation fees will be welcome news to our member clubs who are doing it tough. We hope that this good news, combined with some nicer weather and the ability to once again play the sport we love will lift all our collective spirits.

And of course, our thoughts remain with anyone who is unwell, and we wish them a speedy recovery. For now though, we urge you to welcome back your members when permitted and ask that they support their club in this time of need.

Keep well and keep safe. Go VICs…!

Barb Gilbert
(on behalf of the BV Board)