2020 Integrated Pairs

by Team BV

On Sunday 19th January, bowlers travelled from across Victoria to participate in the 2020 Integrated Pairs.

We were lucky with the weather as the rain passed Berwick Bowling Club. It was another big turnout with close to 40 teams competing for the trophy. Teams consisted of one bowler with a disability as skip, and one bowler without a disability as lead.

Congratulations to the winners:

First: Phillip Mahoney (s) and Andrew Alpha

Second: Jason Barrett (s) and Jim Corcoran

Third: Ivan Anear (s) and Daryl Muller

Fourth: David Warner (s) and John Horwood

Fifth: Greg Toy (s) and Jason Vanderzweep

Sixth: Darryn Coulston (s) and Robert Huddle

Seventh: Brendan Elliott (s) and John McLean

Eighth: Gerry Carton (s) and Michael O’Connor


Thank you to Berwick BC and the club volunteers for all the work they put into the event. Thank you also to the players and spectators for another fantastic day of competition.