Age no barrier in Competition Bowls

by Team BV

The Saturday Metro Six-a-side competition sees many different players from all walks of life line up to roll during the Pennant season, but Richmond Union Bowls Club (RUBC) can say they have one particularly special team. Six young recruits from their Richmond High School Bowls Program and Bowls Victoria’s Junior League have formed to compete against the veterans.

This past weekend saw the kids of an average age of just 13 ½ years take on the Bennettswood team, their median age of 80 with one competitor the ripe old age of 94. Amazing to see such diverse ages in a sporting competition.

After a neck-and-neck game and identical rink score lines, 19-17, Richmond’s “Tiger-Cubs” came away with the win on the very last bowl, 14-38 to 0-34.

The Bennettswood side were fantastic teachers of the game, explaining the rules and etiquette to the enthusiastic up-and-comers. Thirsty to learn more, the junior bowlers stayed to watch the Division 1 game, RUBC vs MCC with half the team entering Division 5 this coming Round before Christmas.

Photo and story credit: John Inglese of RUBC


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