Day 3 Wrap: U18 Vic v Tas Test

by Team BV

Frosty conditions continued on the final day’s play of the 2019 Under-18 Test Series against Tasmania.

With both the girls and boys securing the Test Series win on Day 2, the pressure was off our young state representatives, giving them a chance to play a more relaxed game ahead of the Nationals in October.

The morning saw Test 6 underway in the Singles, Pairs and Fours. Kyle Williams played solo, coasting to victory in the Singles, 21 to 3. Unfortunately, it was a different story in the Girl’s Singles with Olivia Cartwright going down 11 to 21. Meanwhile, both our boys’ and girls’ pairs teams of Tyson Cromie, Jarryd Davies, Emilee Davies and Jordyn Long scored similar victories, 20 to 13 and 19 to 13 respectively. It was mixed results in the Fours as the boys’ team lost by 7 shots, 8 to 15, however, the girl’s side winning convincingly, 18 to 6.

Test 7 kicked off early in the afternoon. Liam Turner, Cameron Keenan, Olivia and Emilee teamed for the Boys and Girl’s Pairs. All four defeated a deflated Tasmania, the boys 23 to 10, the girls 28 to 7. Cromie and Williams backed up the fourth Pairs match with a solid 20 to 13 victory. Only Sophie and the coach’s niece, Alana Flapper, slipping four shots to Tasmania, 10 to 14. Finally, the Triples finishing three days of fantastic bowling, the boys and girls cruising home 25 to 8 and 18 to 11.

Bowls Victoria caught up with Liam Turner and Sophie Kurzman after the game to hear their thoughts on the series.

“I feel I played really good this week. I was a bit nervous coming into it as it’s my first test. I was really happy with my performance, stepped up and got the job done,” said Turner.

“[The Dandenong Club] is always a good facility, they have a Tiger Turf green, the same as Deer Park. We had a tournament the day before, just a bit of practice. I was coming in confident, love this stuff, played really well on it.”

Kurzman echoed Turner’s sentiments.

“We all played really well as a team, we won 7-0! We got used to the green and adjusted whenever we made mistakes, did everything that should have been done to win. I think our new girls were nervous at the start but pulled through and played like any other state representative should.”

“I loved playing at Dandenong Club! I was scared to play on another carpet surface, but it was really, really nice. It was a bit cold! But I think the girls got used to it really well.”

Bowls Victoria supports a large number of volunteer staff who assist in guiding, support and managing our state team representatives. We sincerely thank all individuals who have contributed to making this week a success on and off the green.