Changes to Bowlers Arm Requirements

by Team BV

Bowls Australia recently announced changes to the Artificial Devices Policy (effective 1st May 2019) with the removal for players to have approval from their State Governing Body to use an artificial device (bowlers arm) or to have a medical certificate to use a bowlers arm.

As a result, there is now NO requirement for players using a bowlers arm in Victoria to complete an application form and provide a medical certificate to Bowls Victoria for approval.

The new whole of sport IT platform Bowls Link will ask players to record if they use a bowlers arm.

The revised policy also introduces the requirement that “Whenever a player commences using an approved bowlers arm in a game, the player must use it for the remainder of that game.  This does not apply to the rolling of the jack, which can be rolled either by hand or by a bowlers arm.”

However, the Conditions of Play for Bowlers Arm Championships will continue to specify that “Every delivery (including the rolling of the jack) must be delivered with the Bowlers Arm.”