Playing Coach

by Team BV

Montmorency Bowling Club is seeking a playing coach for season 2019-20.


The successful applicant will have the following attributes:


  • Ability to coach all level of players
  • Good communication skills
  • Playing experience at a high level of Pennant bowls competition
  • Ability to establish training and practice regimes


Montmorency Bowling Club has a long history of major Pennant participation. Last season the Club fielded 5 Saturday Pennant sides (top side Division 1, but unfortunately relegated) and 8 Mid-week sides including  Div. 1 Women’s Only and Div.1 Open sides. This entailed some 160 Pennant players out of a total bowling population of approximately 200.  In addition to Pennant, MBC also has a strong social bowls program, with typically three bowling events  per week.


Commencement date, hours, remuneration and conditions are negotiable. Closing date for application is May 31st and these should be directed to:

Steve Hillam, Chairman


Ph: 0412 831 938