New management structure for Metropolitan Pennant

by Team BV

Based on feedback and recommendations from Metropolitan Regions and Clubs, and changes to the Bowls Australia Events Calendar in 2020, the Bowls Victoria Board recently approved a new management structure for the administration of the Metropolitan Pennant competition.

The structure was established to proactively manage Metropolitan Pennant moving forward. The Board also confirmed commencement dates for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 Metropolitan Pennant season to facilitate planning.


From May 1, 2019 a new management structure with support from Bowls Victoria, will operate and consist of the following:

  • Metropolitan Pennant Executive made up of 13 members
    • 9 members with voting rights
    • 4 members with non-voting rights
  • Metropolitan Pennant Working Group made up of 3 members.

The benefit of this new structure is designed to empower Regions and streamline the flow of information from Bowls Victoria to each Metropolitan Region and the Metropolitan Clubs.

The Metropolitan Pennant Executive

The Metropolitan Pennant Executive will have 13 members.

  • One (1) Board member from each of the Regions and Division (6)
  • Three (3) Bowls Victoria Club members
  • Metropolitan-based Bowls Victoria Board Member
  • Bowls Victoria’s Member Services and Events Manager
  • Metropolitan Pennant Working Group Member
  • Laws and Rules Committee Member

The new team will meet regularly outside working hours to make it easier for members who work full time.

The new Metropolitan Pennant Executive will be the custodian of Metropolitan Pennant and make recommendations to the Bowls Victoria Board regarding how to operate the competition moving forward.

Bowls Victoria Club Members will have the opportunity to nominate for an executive position in April via an Expression of Interest.

The duties and responsibilities of the Metropolitan Pennant Executive will include:

  • Confirming rounds of competition for future seasons
  • Assisting with the coordination of the Premier Division Grand Final
  • Review and put forward recommendations for updating the Bowls Victoria’s Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play for consideration by the Bowls Victoria Laws and Rules Committee
  • Liaise with Bowls Victoria’s Greens Committee to ensure all greens meet the required playing standards and for choice of finals venues for Metropolitan Pennant.
  • Lead the process of recommending new initiatives and alternative options for Metropolitan Pennant.

The Metropolitan Pennant Working Group

The Metropolitan Pennant Working Groupwill assist Bowls Victoria in administering Metropolitan Pennant and consist of three members who will oversee aspects of the competition’s day-to-day administration, this includes:

  1. Preparation of the Metropolitan Pennant Draw and collating results
  2. Delegate to the Metropolitan Pennant Executive for general Pennant enquiries and sourcing feedback for response
  3. Member delegate for all Laws and Rules queries

Please visit the Bowls Victoria website in April for more information about how to express your interest for the Metropolitan Pennant Executive and the Metropolitan Pennant Working Group.


Following the release of the Bowls Australia dates for National Competitions in 2020, there must be changes made to the Metropolitan Pennant Schedule in 2020. The Nationals will comprise of Under 18 National Championships, Over 60s National Sides Championships, Australian Sides Championships and National State Championship Titles.

The next season, 2019/20, will remain at 18 Rounds. For the 2020/21 season, only start dates have been agreed upon by the Bowls Victoria Board and these do not include rounds of competition.

Rounds of Competition for the 2020/21 season will be decided by the newly formed Metropolitan Pennant Executive by July 1, 2019.

Dates of 2019/20 Metropolitan Pennant Season:


Midweek Saturday
Season to Commence Tuesday October 8, 2019 Saturday October 12, 2019
Victorian Open The Victorian Open is a protected event. The Victorian Open is conducted from 15-22 November 2019 in the Greater Shepparton Area
Last Round Prior to Christmas Tuesday December 17, 2019 Saturday December 14, 2019
Return after Christmas/New Year Tuesday January 14, 2020 Saturday January 11, 2020
Division Grand Finals Tuesday March 31, 2020 Saturday March 28, 2020

Dates of 2020/21 Metropolitan Pennant Season:

Midweek Saturday
Season to Commence Tuesday November 10, 2020 Saturday November 7, 2020
Victorian Open The 2020 Victorian Open has been requested to commence from Friday 30th October to Friday 6th November.
Last Round Prior to Christmas Tuesday December 15, 2020 Saturday December 19, 2020
Return after Christmas/New Year Tuesday January 12, 2021 Saturday January 16, 2021
Extra Notes No Pennant on January 26, 2021 – Make up Round on January 28 2021 N/A


Please click here to download the official information that has been distributed to divisions, regions and clubs.