Top reasons to play bowls

by Team BV

Bowls is a game enjoyed by people from all walks of life across Victoria and the rest of Australia. Why is the game so popular? Bowls is a game enjoyed by people from all walks of life across Victoria and the rest of Australia. Why is the game so popular?

Well, it could have something to do with the many mental, physical and social benefits of getting out there and giving it a go! Let’s take a closer look at eight great reasons to play bowls.
1. It’s easy to learn
One of the best things about bowls is the fact you can learn how to play at your first attempt. While it’s undoubtedly a game of great skill and tactics, bowls is also refreshingly simple. Once you’ve picked up the main rules and been taught how to avoid bowling a ‘wrong bias’ (when the bowl curves in the opposite direction to your intended target), you’ll be on your way to becoming a local club legend! Well, you’ll be enjoying yourself anyway.
2. It’s competitive and fun
Bowls can be treated as a competitive sport, a fun activity, or both. It all depends on what you’re looking for. So, whether you prefer the high stakes of a serious contest or the friendly atmosphere of a social game, there’s always a bowling green for you. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!
3. It’s very social
On or off the greens, bowls is extremely social. You can turn up for a laidback game of ‘barefoot bowls’ with friends or family, or enjoy a meal and a drink at the clubhouse. And if you don’t know anyone at the local bowls club? No problem, head down there anyway and you’ll make new friends in no time.
4. It keeps you fit and healthy
Even though bowls is played within a relatively small space, the game provides more physical health and fitness benefits than you might realise. During a game of bowls, you frequently exert energy and exercise your muscles (particularly the lower body) by walking, stretching, delivering a bowl and carrying the weighted bowls – yet at the same time these low-impact actions avoid the fatigue and injury associated with many other sports. Bowls is fantastic for mobility, flexibility, core strength and weight loss, not to mention that muscle toning!
5. It enhances mental wellbeing
Bowls is a positive influence on mental health and wellbeing in so many ways, especially among older generations. Whether you join a bowling club as a member or play socially, bowls helps you get out of the house, soak up the sun and fresh air, be more active, meet likeminded people, reduce your stress levels, and possibly even alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression.
6. It improves cognitive function
The strategic thinking, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance required to play bowls can actually help improve cognitive function by gradually developing a person’s mental awareness and concentration. This type of mental, physical and social stimulation has been known to reduce the risk of cognitive decline as well as certain mental degenerative illnesses.
7. It’s cheap to play
As well as the heart, mind and limbs, bowls is nice and gentle on your budget too. It’s cheap for visitors to enjoy a casual game, and once you become a member of your favourite bowling club the prices to play, dine and drink usually get even better.
8. It’s a sport for anyone

Last but by no means least, bowls is a sport absolutely anyone can fall in love with, regardless of their age, gender, experience, physical ability or any other factor. School kids, uni students, professionals, seniors, people with a disability – it really doesn’t matter who are, you’re welcome at a bowls club!