Register your club now for Bowls Month

by Team BV

Register your club to be part of Play Bowls Month. During the month of October, bowls clubs throughout Victoria have the opportunity to participate in Bowls Month, Bowls Victoria’s state-wide participation campaign, which aims to link new and lapsed participants with your club.

Participation initiatives like these are vital for the growth of Bowls to attract new blood to clubs. Bowls Month is an excellent opportunity for your club to connect with and introduce new players to the game, and reignite the passion of those who may have fallen out of touch with the sport.

To get your club involved, all you need to do is:

1.      Nominate a Bowls Month Coordinator at your club
2.      Choose a minimum of 1 event to run in October
3.      Register your club with Bowls Victoria to participate


Fill out my Wufoo form!

Below is a draft time line for Bowls Month. This will give your club and indication of what to expect and when. Please note, this time line is subject to change. Clubs will be kept in the loop regarding any changes made to the below.


· Club registrations open for bowls month.
· Clubs need to register with Bowls Victoria to participate during this time.


· Consumer registrations open via
· Bowls Victoria to run digital advertising to promote registrations open.
· Clubs are expected to promote this via their own marketing channels.
· Digital marketing kit provided to clubs for their own use and promotion.


· Bowls Victoria to launch a radio and digital marketing campaign to promote Bowls Month.
· Clubs need to ensure they run their own marketing campaign during this time using the marketing kit provided by Bowls Victoria. This is to ensure all consumers get the same consistent message and branding state wide.
· Bowls Victoria to provide clubs with a list of consumer registrations. These are your ‘sales leads’. Clubs need make contact with those on this list, provide a friendly introduction and book them in to attend your event.


· Bowls Month starts
· Clubs run their activities
· Club marketing should continue during this time


· Clubs to report back to Bowls Victoria on participation numbers
· Clubs to contact attendees (either by phone or email) thanking them for attending and remind them how to continue to be involved in your club.