The Lawman archive

by Team BV

Looking for The Lawman?
Here is a back catalogue of all The Lawman columns from Bowls Victoria’s e-newsletter Heads Up:
A checklist for umpires
What does Jack High mean?
Your call – how would you handle this scenario?
Preparing for the Vic Open
Conditions of Play
Interruptions to Play and Stoppages
Jack On Jack – What to do when the jack takes flight
What is a bowl?
When the mat doesn’t cover the T
The jack – everything you need to know
When noise annoys, and there’s a bad smell in the air
The bowlers arm – everything you need to know
The history of the bowl
Dealing with offensive language, and aggressive behaviour
Pre-season checklist
Law 23
Umpire or measurer – who has the final say?
Interview with Bob Carlson – new Conditions of Play documents
The mat – everything you need to know
The importance of delivery
Stoppages and Shakespeare
Where’s Wally? The rules when Pennant players go missing
Who wants to be a selector?
Dealing with a disturbance on the green
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Myths and misconceptions