This is how Edithvale BC rolls

by Team BV

Edithvale’s Metropolitan Midweek Pennant Division 5 team were drawn to play local rivals Keysborough in the Sectional Final.  

Two local teams playing off in a local derby would have made for a great spectacle for local supporters, but unfortunately the match was scheduled at Middle Park. 

So, the Edithvale players decided to hire a stretched limo. Twelve players, twelve seats… a perfect plan. 

That was until someone asked where the bowls bags were going to fit, so another driver was invited to make the journey, accompanied by a car-load of bowls and lunches.  

The car hire company realised that it had been a bit of a squish for the journey out, and they came to the party and organised a Hummer for the return journey. 

The match went well for Edithvale early, and they held a six-shot lead at the lunch break. Around this time, the players started dreaming of champagne flowing in the Hummer and began to neglect their bowls game, and they finished up losing by 23 shots.  

The journey home was one big celebration of a wonderful year, and as you might expect, what was said in the Hummer, stays in the Hummer.  

Keysborough came home with the flag, but Edithvale came home with the memories.