Victoria v NSW Test Series

by Team BV








Victoria have won the men’s three-Test series against NSW, while NSW have swept the women’s series at Whittlesea Bowls Club.
Victoria’s men ran out 76-54 winners in the deciding third Test – helped by a huge win to Matty Ellul’s rink of he, Josh Corless, Bryce Young and Brett Mahoney, over David Ferguson of NSW 36-11.
After Victoria drew first blood in the opening men’s Test 64-50, NSW were dominant across Ben Twist and David Ferguson’s rinks to ran out 75-48 overall winners in the second Test.
But the Vics regrouped with a third Test win for the ages – Dylan Fisher also winning his battle with ex-Victorian Aaron Wilson to aid the cause.
In the women’s series, NSW had way too many guns for the Victorians, and ran out 34-shot winners in the third Test to cap off a deserved clean sweep.
The Blues’ victory in the women’s second Test was highlighted by a big win for Jackaroos star and world champion Karen Murphy over Tiff Brodie, and a high-class encounter between Australian reps Carla Krizanic (Victoria) and Kelsey Cottrell (NSW), with Cottrell’s four coming out on top.
In the opening men’s Test, the match was decided with the victory of Whittlesea’s own Nick McIntyre over ex-Victorian Aaron Wilson.
That match was a high-quality one close until the final three ends. With NSW holding multiple shots, McIntyre killed the end. Then an attempted drive from Wilson went unluckily wrong on the next end, with the Blues coughing up a five to McIntyre.
The Vics then followed up with a four on the next end to put their match and the overall Test beyond doubt.
In the Under 25 series, NSW won both men’s and women’s series.
1st Test
C. Krizanic 21 Lost to K. Murphy 23
T. Brodie 10 Lost to N. Scott 24
S. Shannahan 18  Lost to K. Cottrell 24
VIC 49 Lost to NSW 71

N. McIntyre 24 Defeated A. Wilson 16
M. Ellul 18 Lost to B. Twist 21
D. Fisher.   22 Defeated  D. Ferguson 13
VIC 64  Defeated NSW 50

Under 25s
Singles. L. Phillips.  21 Lost to  B. Smith 26
Pairs: R. Smith, M. Long (S).  23 Defeated. J. Hogan, S. Noronha (S) 22
Triples: E. Simmonds, T. Morison, V. Brackley (S).   19 Lost to.  L. Cronin, H. McDonnell, K. Matthews (S) 26
ViC Points.    2      NSW Points 4

Singles. B. Foote.  23 Lost to. D. Riley 25

Pairs: B. Gibson, D. O’Neill (S). 14 Lost to. J. Lewis, J. Breust(S) 19

Triples:  J. Bye-Norris, J. Yates, N. Lynch(S). 24 Defeated. J. Davis, H. McDonald, Z. Robertson(S) 18
VIC Points.   2    NSW Points 4
2nd Test
C. Krizanic.  15.  Lost to. K. Cottrell. 19
T. Brodie.  12 Lost to. K. Murphy. 27
S. Shannahan. 20. Defeated. N. Scott 16
VIC   47 Lost to NSW 62


N. McIntyre.   18 Lost to. D. Ferguson 31
M. Ellul.  17. Lost to A. Wilson 18
D. Fisher.  13. Lost to B. Twist 26
VIC.  48. Lost to NSW 75.

Under 25s

Singles: M. Long.  25 Defeated. L. Cronin 19
Pairs: V. Brackley, T. Morison(S).  15  Lost to. B. Smith, K. Matthews(S) 29
Triples: R. Smith, E. Simmonds, L. Phillips(S). 23.  Defeated.  S. Noronha, J. Hogan,
H. McDonnell(S) 22
VIC Points.   4.      NSW Points 2.

Singles: N. Lynch.  9 Lost to. J. Breust 25
Pairs: J. Yates, J. Bye-Norris(S).  23. Defeated.  Z. Robertson, J. Davis 14
Triples: B. Foote, D. O’Neill, B. Gibson(S).  16 Lost to. H. McDonald, D. Riley, J. Lewis 22
VIC Points.   2  NSW Points 4
3rd Test
N McIntyre 17 lost to B Twist 23
M Ellul 36 d D Ferguson 11
D Fisher 23 d A Wilson 20
Victoria 76 bt NSW 54
Victoria win series 2-1
C Krizanic 21 d N Scott 18
T Brodie 14 lost to K Cottrell 28
S Shannahan 12 lost to K Murphy 35
NSW 81 bt Victoria 47
NSW wins series 3-0

Under 25:
Singles: L Phillips 25 d S Noronha 17
Pairs: V Brackley, M Long (s) 23 d L Cronin, H McDonnell (s) 21
Triples: T Morison, R Smith, E Simmonds (s) 11 lost to B Smith, K Matthews, J Hogan 33
NSW win series 10 points to 8

Singles: J Bye-Norris 25 d J Davis 14
Pairs; N Lynch, B Foote (s) 16 lost to J Breust, J Lewis (s) 25
Triples: D O’Neill, B Gibson, J Yates (s) 19 lost to D Riley, Z Robertson, H McDonald (s) 27
NSW win series 12 points to 6
Player of the series
Victoria’s men: Matty Ellul 
Victoria women: Anne Miles
Victoria U25 women: Lisa Phillips
Victoria U25 men: Jay Bye-Norris