Proposed Changes to Metro Pennant 18/19 Season – Update

by Team BV

Proposed Changes to Metro Pennant 18/19 Season – Update
Following several enquiries, our Committee would like to share the key aspects of our plan for the proposed 2018/19 Two Bowl Triples competition.
We are looking to introduce a shorter version of Pennant, in order to achieve the following;
·         A more attractive game from a ‘time’ and ‘involvement’ perspective for new players who are just starting to play competitive bowls.

·         More opportunities for older bowlers and those with physical disabilities who may prefer to play a shorter game of Pennant in cooler weather.

·         More options for bowlers who are ‘time poor’ because of their involvement in their children’s sport, or increased grand parenting duties, shift workers etc.

·         More flexibility in the draw for Clubs who are experiencing ever increasing ‘pennant unavailability’ lists during the hectic AFL Finals/Spring Racing period.
The proposal is for games to be played 21 ends straight through, taking approximately 2 hrs 15 mins to play.
The season would commence on Sept 1st, which is in line with the traditional ‘Opening of the Greens’, hence we don’t expect to have problems with greens not being ready etc. The ever growing number of tifdwarf greens across Melbourne will also assist here. The 7 weeks + Finals season will conclude on Nov 4th.
Some Clubs have expressed concerns about not being able to have as many players on their greens as they would normally have in the fours etc. The proposed draw information below outlines how we intend on dealing with this potential issue.
As part of introducing more flexibility into the competition structure, we intend on offering two types of draws ;
Two Bowl Triples (Standard)
All games are to be played Saturday afternoon between 2.00pm – 4.15pm


by ‘mutual agreement’ the teams agree to play either ;

·         Friday evening between 7.00pm and 9.15pm, or

·         Saturday morning between 10.30am and 12.45pm.
Two Bowl Triples (Flexible)
The home team will decide the day and time of play. This is to be determined by the Tuesday preceding each game and notified to the opposing Club. This day and time can however change by ‘mutual agreement’ between the competing Clubs up to 24 hours prior to scheduled play due to potential weather issues.  Games can be played either ;
·         Friday evening 7.00pm – 9.15pm, or

·         Saturday morning 10.30am – 12.45pm, or

·        Saturday afternoon 2.00pm – 4.15pm
Before the season commences, Clubs will be asked to nominate teams in whatever draw best suits their needs in terms of managing their own Club activities. Clubs may nominate as many teams as they wish in either competition. The intention of the Flexible draw competition is to reduce the amount of ‘negotiating’ that’s needed between Clubs in determining the day and time of games. If a Club wants to retain flexibility to ensure everyone who wants to play gets a game, they should enter a team/s in the Flexible draw.
Clubs will be initially placed into the various Divisions of the Standard draw, in line with their current positioning in the Saturday Fours competition, similar to what was done when BV introduced the Open draw into Midweek Metropolitan Pennant.
The positioning of Clubs within the Flexible draw will be determined once we know how many teams are entered for this competition.
More finer detail around the Triples Pennant format will be determined as we continue to enhance our thinking, based on the feedback received from bowlers and Regions.
Kevin Pattison
Chair Competitive Participation Sub Committee