2017 Vic v Tas Test series

by Team BV

Victoria’s women have swept their five-Test series against Tasmania in spectacular style at Deer Park Bowling Club.
But Tasmania’s men stood up when required to take out the deciding fifth Test against Victoria for a 3-2 series win.
After sealing the series on Day 2 with strong victories in the first three Tests, the Victorian women put themselves on target for a clean sweep with a 49-39 fourth Test win.
Tasmania then threatened to take the fifth Test, leading from the middle stages until the final two ends. Then the match turned around spectacularly as Tasmania held a four-shot lead. Tiff Brodie’s rink – which had been excellent all series – picked up four on their last end for a win over Candice Hodgetts.
Then stand-in skip Makayla Gibson’s rink picked up two shots on her final end – losing their match but ensuring Victoria ran out 47-45 winners.
The men’s series had been close throughout. Tasmania won the first Test, Victoria levelled up, then took a 2-1 series lead with a stunning 57-56 victory in the third Test.
Commonwealth Games rep Barrie Lester produced a remarkable shot with his last bowl to pick up a four and level the scores as Tasmania looked set for the victory.
Then Nick McIntyre produced the perfect blocker on the final end to ensure his side’s one-shot hold was protected, and give Victoria the win.
Tasmania then levelled the series with their own one-shot win in the fourth Test.
The Tasmanians took the lead by three shots going into the final end, but Lester’s rink couldn’t conjure the shots they required to force a draw or victory and they lost 47-46.
In the final Test, Tasmania got an early jump on the Vics, which proved too difficult to bridge. Tasmania ran out 61-39 winners – winning all rinks.
1st Test:
Barrie Lester 15 lost to Michael Sims 26
Matt Flapper 11 lost to Lee Schraner 21
Dylan Fisher 29 defeated Patrick Smith 15

Tasmania 62 beat Victoria 55

Anne Miles 33 defeated Lyn Triffitt 9
Tiffany Brodie 31 beat Rebecca Van Asch 18
Carla Krizanic 21 lost to Candice Hodgetts 23

Victoria 85 beat Tasmania 50

2nd Test
Dylan Fisher 28 defeated Michael Sims 21
Barrie Lester 22 defeated Lee Schraner 14
Nick McIntyre 27 defeated Patrick Smith 15
Victoria 77 beat Tasmania 50 
Tiffany Brodie 41 defeated Candice Hodgetts 13
Carla Krizanic 19 defeated Lyn Triffitt 16
Anne Miles 20 defeated Rebecca Van Asch 15

Victoria 80 beat Tasmania 44

3rd Test
Barrie Lester 23 bt Patrick Smith 18
Dylan Fisher 17 lost to Lee Schraner 21
Nick McIntyre 17 drew with Michael Sims 17

Victoria 57 beat Tasmania 56

Anne Miles 40 defeated Candice Hodgetts 9
Tiffany Brodie 26 defeated Lyn Triffitt 18
Carla Krizanic 15 lost to Rebecca Van Asch 17

Victoria 81 beat Tasmania 44

4th Test
Nick McIntyre 13 lost to Lee Schraner 17
Barrie Lester 15 drew with Michael Sims 15
Dylan Fisher 18 defeated Patrick Smith 15
Tasmania 47 beat Victoria 46
Carla Krizanic 13 lost to Candice Hodgetts 14
Anne Miles 18 defeated Lyn Triffitt 13
Tiffany Brodie 18 defeated Rebecca Van Asch 12
Victoria 49 beat Tasmania 39

5th Test
Nick McIntyre 17 lost to Patrick Smith 24
Dylan Fisher 17 lost to Michael Sims 21
Barrie Lester 12 lost to Lee Schraner 16
Tasmania 61 defeated Victoria 39

Tasmania claim the Shield 3 tests to 2.

Makayla Gibson 16 lost to Lyn Triffitt 17
Anne Miles 14 defeated Rebecca Van Asch 12
Tiffany Brodie 17 defeated Candice Hodgetts 16
Victoria 49 beat Tasmania 39
Victoria retains the trophy 5 tests to nil. 

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