Mental skills and bowls – a survey

by Team BV

As part of ongoing research by Bowls Australia in order to develop the performance profile of an elite bowler, they are seeking bowlers at all levels who would be interest in undertaking a short online survey about the mental skills used during performance. 
In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport and La Trobe University, Bowls Australia has completed extensive testing on the sport’s specific physical skills i.e the actual delivery of the bowl. We are looking forward to the results being released in early 2018.
Now, in conjunction with Deakin University, we are investigating the mental skills involved in the sport of bowls given the strategic nature of the sport. 
Bowls Australia is looking for players at all levels of the game to complete a quick online anonymous survey which will provide an understanding of such areas including performing under pressure, maintaining confidence and competition anxiety.
Bowls Australia High Performance and Pathways Manager Peter Brown says continued and extensive research into all facets of the sport will leave coaches and talent identification alike better equipped to nurture and guide the next-generation of bowlers.
“Gaining an insight into the characteristics of an elite performer will have positive implications on the entire athlete pathway including playing, coaching and talent ID,” he said. 
“Bowls Australia is very keen to explore the mental side of the sport and is pleased to have partnered with Deakin University to acquire this knowledge.”
The online survey is completely anonymous and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Click here to complete the survey