Update on proposed changes to 2018/19 Saturday Metro Pennant

by Team BV

Metropolitan Region meetings scheduled about proposed changes to 2018/19 BV Saturday pennant formats 

The past two weeks have seen the first two of our Region meetings at Northern Gateway Bowls Region and Sandbelt Bowls Region, to discuss possible changes for the 2018/2019 BV Metropolitan Saturday competitions.  


Many of you may say why is change needed? 

As discussed widely in our Region meetings earlier this year, unfortunately our traditional participation rates continue to decline, risking the long-term viability of our sport. To arrest this, we need to be looking at competition options that encourage increased participation.  


Following these meetings, it is encouraging to see interest being generated from across the State in what is being proposed, although Country Regions/Division will continue to determine what Pennant format is offered locally in coming seasons.  BV understands Country Regions/Divisions may wish to be part of the emerging dialogue and we will continue to provide updates as matters develop. Initially however, the discussions are focussed on engaging those Regions/Clubs who play in the BV Metropolitan Saturday Pennant competition.  It should also be noted that the BV Metropolitan Midweek Pennant competitions are not part of these deliberations and the current 2017/2018 options will be offered again for next season. 


The response to our proposed changes thus far has been mixed. The 14 week + Finals Fours format has certainly generated a positive response from many areas, whilst the introduction of a new Spring Season Triples format starting in early September, and the impact of changes to Division section sizes has given cause for more discussion. 

As a detailed review of Metropolitan Premier Division is already underway for the 2019/2020 season, it is unlikely that there will be any changes to either it or Division 1 for the coming season. 

Future meetings are scheduled for Metro West Region on 11 December and the Casey Bowls Division of the Peninsula/Casey Region on 18 December. 

Other Region meetings with Yarra and Eastern Ranges are being arranged.  


BV will continue to provide updates on this matter and we would encourage you to take the opportunity to participate in discussions about what is proposed. 

Graeme Bridge