Conditions of Play – Region & Division Pennant

by Team BV

The Bowls Victoria Laws & Rules Committee has replaced the old Rules of Competition with documents specifically written for: 

• Metropolitan Pennant  

• Region/Division Pennant 

• Bowls Victoria Championship Events (to be released for the 2018/2019 season) 


The Region/Division Pennant document released on Thursday, September 28, 2017, contains those Pennant guidelines that are relevant to Divisions/Regions. 

What it won’t contain is information – for example – related to conditions of play agreed by Divisions/Regions about the number of players of each sex who can play in a Team/Side or which positions a player of each sex may playing in. 

Divisions/Regions will continue their current practice of making those decisions although you are reminded that equal opportunity requirements still need to be met. 

Bowls Victoria understands that releasing this information as proposed may be after some Divisions/Regions have commenced their 2017/2018 Pennant season.  

If this is the case, Divisions/Regions will retain their current guidance document for this season. 

However, if you find after reviewing the Bowls Victoria Conditions of Play that your Division/Region has included guidance that is contrary to that advice than you will be required to amend your guidance to conform with the guidance issued by Bowls Victoria. 


The Conditions of Play for Region/Division Pennant are available here 


The Conditions of Play for Metropolitan Pennant are available here  

Wishing you all success in season 2017-18.

Graeme Bridge