The Lawman – Sept 28 2017

by John Roberts

Who’s got shot and wait 30 seconds
Law 23 is all about how we decide the number of shots scored. When does it start. When does it finish?

Consider this scenario: Team B skip has delivered the last bowl for that end. The Third from Team A, after the last bowl stops, commences the measure as he believes his team has at least one shot.

His opposition third shouts out: “Stop! you have to wait 30 seconds.” Team A third replies: “No, I don’t as your skip’s last bowl has come to rest.”

Who is correct? The law clearly indicates that determining the number of shots scored must not start until the last bowl required to be played in an end has come to rest.

The law then goes on to state that if the skip or opponent in singles asks for a 30 second period it must be observed. During the 30 second time all bowls likely to fall cannot be chocked or secured.

The question often asked is when does the 30 seconds start and who controls the clock? The 30 seconds starts from when the last bowl comes to rest.

Who times? The law book is not clear here, in fact no one is nominated. Which suggests we apply common sense.

In Pennant I would suggest it would be in agreement between the thirds. In singles I would see this as a task for the marker.

So back to the scenario: My answer would be you are entitled to request 30 seconds, however the request needs to come from the skip, but that power may have been delegated to the third according to Law 40.1.10. So either Team B could have had the right to call 30 seconds, if not delegated then Team A third had the right to commence measuring.

An interesting point. Law 23.6.1 states at any time during the process of deciding the number of shots scored if a bowl is likely to fall either opponent can use the best available means to secure it in its position.

So back to the Scenario, Third B could have chocked or wedged any bowls he wished too and Third A could not intervene. 

How many thirds out there playing Pennant have chocks or wedges in their pockets? Worth a thought or consideration? 
Hoping you all enjoy the new Pennant season that looms upon us all.
Yours sincerely 
The Lawman

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