Changes to Victorian Child Safety Standards

by Team BV

There are some changes to the Victorian Child Safety Standards – and to Working With Children Checks – that you and your club need to know about. 

From 1 January 2017, the Victorian Child Safety Standards have applied to Clubs who provide sport services to children within Victoria. 

There are seven different requirements that Clubs will need to comply with. Clubs should refer to the peak body for sport and recreation in Victoria, Vicsport, and its website as their starting point. 

The Vicsport website contains the necessary information about the practices, procedures and policies that need to be put in place to enable compliance with the Victorian Child Safety Standards.   

Bowls Victoria understands these new legislative requirements are detailed. But the ultimate focus for Clubs must be the support and protection of children. 

Additionally from 1 August 2017, amendments to the Working with Children Check (WWCC) come into effect. 

Individuals that previously did not require a WWCC may now need one to undertake their role at a Club. The changes to the WWCC are linked to standard four of the Victorian Child Safe Standards. 

You’ll find them here at the Vicsport website. 

To explain the changes to the WWCC, the Department of Justice has put together these videos to provide more information.
Changes to Working With Children Checks (Video) – Supervision
Changes to Working With Children Checks (Video) – Direct Contact

Should you have any questions, contact Vicsport on 03-9696 8100 or email, who can assist you to determine how these changes may impact upon your Club.