Participation data from your club

by Team BV

Finding out how many people play bowls in Victoria is the key to more funding for you, and for our sport.  Those putting the money into the sport want to know how many people take part in it.

Funding and grants for bowls and bowls clubs from organisations like VicHealth, from governments and local councils, and from potential sponsors, all depend on finding out this information.  Those numbers ultimately determine the level of funding bowls receives.
Bowls Victoria has put together a simple form to help Clubs provide us with data on how many people play bowls at their Club.

It’s easy to fill in, and requires just a few minutes of your time to help us get the numbers right.

This time we are looking for numbers from November 2016 through to February 2017 inclusive.

We know Clubs have different approaches to who can play bowls on their greens but whether they are members of your Club is not important for this data activity.  We are simply seeking information about people who play bowls. 

We will use those numbers to prepare our case for the best possible funding and sponsorship for our sport.  This information will also help Clubs have the best chance of receiving available government and council grants.

To help you categorise who you would include on the form, Bowls Victoria has prepared a handy infographic. We call someone who does not play bowls a Social participant and you would not include them.  The main focus is who plays bowls and whether that is Pennant or another kind of bowls.

Don’t worry about being absolutely exact. Just try and be as accurate as you can to reflect how many Pennant and Transitional participants are playing at your club.

We last asked clubs for this information at the end of October 2016, and will be regularly asking clubs for their help on providing us with numbers.

We are asking all Clubs to submit their completed form by Friday, April 28, 2017.

You can find the form and instructions on how to fill it in here