Future on show at Carrum BC

by Team BV

Standing on the East Green at Carrum Bowling Club, and looking across the West Green, the scene is one of frenetic activity as more than 100 schoolchildren from six local primary schools joyfully strive to improve their lawn bowls skills.
It’s a scene that is being repeated every Friday at the Club as part of their schools program
Sixteen Carrum Bowling Club volunteers enthusiastically explain the virtues of line and length to their young tyros.  Then, the theory is put into practice as the youngsters step up to the mat, guided by their volunteer mentor for the day. A short game follows, before finishing with the fun-packed Gutterbowl that all the kids love!
This is the second year of Carrum’s ever-expanding schools program – with over 500 schoolchildren participating in year one – and the interest shown by the schools and the students continues to climb.
Already four students have graduated to playing Pennant games, and that number is likely to grow next season.
The enjoyment by the school children is very evident, and the Club is committed to converting that initial enthusiasm into a sustained involvement in the sport.
Carrum BC Lighthouse Club – March 2016