The Lawman – Jan 27 2017

by John Roberts

Put on the mat

By John Roberts, Bowls Victoria Umpiring Committee Chairman
At the 2016 Vic Open, an umpire was called to measure the length of a delivered Jack.
Upon arriving at the mat end, the Umpire immediately picked up the mat without applying the tape and gave it to the opposition.
The player who had delivered the Jack was somewhat bewildered and naturally asked why and what was the umpire doing.
Which of the following reasons do you think is most likely?
(a)   The Jack was so short it was obvious to the eye and the Umpire didn’t need to lay the tape down.
(b)   The umpire observed the mat was not covering the T.
(c)   It doesn’t matter because the umpire is always right.
(d)   The mat hadn’t been placed on the centre line.

ANSWER:  (b)
The umpire observed the mat had been placed behind the ‘T’ and was not covering it. It was an illegally placed mat.

Law 6.1.3. ‘If, after the jack has been delivered but before the first bowl is delivered, a player or marker (or the umpire in this case) finds that the mat line has not been positioned within the distances described in Law 6.1.1, the opposing player must place the mat as described in law 6.1.1 and re-deliver the jack, making sure that it is centred, but the opposing player must not play first.’

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