Single-sex bowls events update

by Team BV

Earlier this week, Bowls Victoria (BV) met with a Senior Legal Advisor of the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) about the application of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and single-sex bowls events.   
Following these discussions, it was agreed that BV should remove the material currently available on the BV website informing Clubs of the actions that they should be considering if they wish to make an application to the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to conduct single-sex events. 
It is intended to replace this website material with updated information prepared jointly by BV and VEOHRC.
BV is committed to working closely with the VEOHRC as Clubs may not be required to make applications to VCAT for certain types of single-sex events.
The withdrawal of the BV website material will not affect VCAT’s consideration of applications they have already received from Clubs.
However, Clubs who may be considering making an application to VCAT may wish to wait until the updated information prepared by BV and VEOHRC is released in early 2017.
Please note that this update is not related to Saturday or Midweek Pennant competitions.