Milestone match for Leopold bowler

by Team BV

There’s no hesitation from Roger Garfoot when asked what is the most memorable of his 700 Pennant games for Leopold Sportsman’s.
“Winning the Division 4 grand final in 1992-93. The week before we played Drysdale in the final home and away match. They beat us.
“But in the grand final we turned the tables. We annihilated them.”
At 79, Roger celebrated his milestone 700th Pennant match at a club he’s spent more than half his life actively involved in.
He joined Leopold Sportsman’s as a member in 1975. He helped build the club’s second green, and today he still helps with weekly maintenance down at the club on the green and surrounds.
Roger lives locally, and these days plays in Division 8 as a second. And importantly, he was able to celebrate his milestone match in style.
“We had a win which was the main thing. You play bowls to enjoy it, and I still do.”