National Sides Championships

by Team BV

6th – 9th April, 2017

South Australia will play host to one of Australia’s premier events, the 2017 Australian Sides Championships.

National Sides Championships fixtures, via Bowls Australia
National Sides Championships results, via Bowls Australia
National Sides Championships ladders, via Bowls Australia

Victorian Women’s National Sides Team

Blaine Edwards
Rebecca McMahon
Anne Miles
Carla Krizanic (s)

Elise Cowan
Makayla Gibson
Nicole Shortis
Tiffany Brodie (s)

Kylie Whitehead
Tayla Morison
Gayle Edwards
Brooke Edwards (s)

Jan Hurst
Edith Grinham

Victorian Men’s National Sides Team

Curtis Hanley
Ben Loughlin
Dane McKinnon
Matthew Flapper (s)

Josh Corless
Dale Jones
Nick McIntyre
Barrie Lester (s)

Liam Garlick-Adams
Nathan Wilson
Brett Spurr
Aaron Wilson (s)

Ian Ewing
Pat Clark