The Lawman – Oct 28

by John Roberts

By John Roberts, Bowls Victoria Umpiring Committee Chairman

Well the Vic Open is close approaching and that means that apart from the players the officials are gearing up for a hectic seven days also.

We utilise the volunteer services of over 40 markers and umpires, and they come from all over Victoria – both metro and rural.

They all enjoy the Vic Open experience and many have returned year after year.

The Vic Open is a great opportunity for officials to venture out to one of the 17 venues used over the week for the Open. Our officials enjoy the country hospitality shown to them by bowling clubs all around Shepparton.

So what should markers and umpires do to prepare for this challenge:

  1. Be familiar with the Conditions of Play for the particular event. In particular shots required, number of ends to be played, dead ends and any re-spotting of the jack.
  2. Arrive on time for the event. As the umpire, at least an hour before the event starts and the markers should arrive at the rink of play at least 15 minutes before the game’s scheduled start time.
  3. Check their equipment and the club’s equipment.
  4. A markers checklist includes 7 items: Chalk for marking touchers (spray preferred), a box string measure, three or four chocks or wedges, a pen or pencil, the scorecard, a coin to toss and if required shot indicators (paddles).
  5. Be prepared for all weather possibilities.
  6. Be hydrated and have water available throughout their game.
  7. Wear the appropriate uniform. Club uniform is always acceptable. But be smart and well presented.
  8. Be alert, anticipate and concentrate on the task at hand.
  9. Bring a smile, a sense of adventure, a friendly disposition, be prepared and not be officious.

We thank the many officials from both local clubs and from across Victoria for their commitment and time. It greatly appreciated by the tournament director and Bowls Victoria.

The Law for the Day:
Question:  Can I use a texta to mark any touchers?
Answer:  No, Law 15.1 clearly states a  toucher  should marked  be with chalk. So unless the “texta” is  chalk based  it cannot be used.

Enjoy the Vic Open everyone.

Bowls Victoria’s Umpiring Section