Moama Bowling Club re-signs as sponsor

by Team BV

Moama Bowling Club has re-signed as sponsor of Victoria’s State representative bowls teams until the end of the 2018-19 season.
Moama has extended its sponsorship with Bowls Victoria for another three years, continuing as the major sponsor of all Victoria’s state teams – the men’s and women’s sides, Under 18, Under 25, Over 60, Bowlers Arm and Bowlers with a Disability.
Victoria currently holds the Men’s National Sides, Men’s Senior Sides and Bowlers Arm National Championships.
Moama Bowling Club’s logo has featured on the shirt sleeve for all these victories, and will power the Vics into this, and the next two seasons.
The announcement comes as Moama hosted its 2016 Men’s Prestige Pairs championship. Victorians Garry Ball (Deer Park) and Tom Ristic (MCC Kew) won the four-day event.
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